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The Importance of Companionship in Healthcare

Companionship is relational and thus very important within the healthcare setting. It is relational because it requires commitment, time and effort to establish a good companionship. It is about going the extra mile to spend quality time with a person you care about and helping them keep active through social interaction, relationship building, social outing and the completion of basic home task. The practical step will help the person who is at risk of been lonely and/or those suffering from loneliness to increase their sense of purpose, stimulate their mental health, accelerate their recovery for those with ill health, and more importantly, it gives peace of mind. Below are some of the benefits of companionship in care.

Benefits of Companionship in Care

  • It helps build a relationship of trust
  • It helps prevent social isolation and loneliness
  • It helps engage the mind and stimulate mental health
  • It helps build social interaction and increase a sense of purpose
  • It gives peace of mind
  • It helps speed up recovery

Therefore, our guiding belief is that high-quality care is relational to good companionship. Our experienced staff has the ideal combination of practical knowledge, compassion, and industry experience to deliver a personalised, tailored, and outcome-focused level of care that is consistently built around companionship.

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