relationship -based approach to care

Fostering a Relationship-based approach to Care

The role of a Social Care worker can be very challenging and equally rewarding in that they help a marginalised, disadvantaged or special needs clients to achieved their goals and maximise the potential within.

CORU, the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, defines social care as:

“A relationship-based approach to the purposeful planning and provision of care, protection, psycho-social support and advocacy in partnership with vulnerable individuals and groups who experience marginalisation, disadvantage or special needs. Principles of social justice and human rights are central to the practice of social care workers.”

For us at Absolute Care Service, we are passionate about what we do, namely: going the extra mile to help and support our client and we do this using the relationship-based approach by forging a strong connection with our client, a trusting relationship that allows effective communication between the relevant stakeholders. Therefore, we see fostering a relationship-based approach to care as core of our service design and delivery.

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