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What is Temping and what is the process?

Sometimes candidates can find themselves between jobs, unsure what career direction they want to take or have just moved to the area and are looking to gain some experience.

Temping is a great opportunity to experience different types of companies and employers and to improve your skills in many diverse roles. Occasionally temping can lead to full-time employment with an employer.

What is the temping process:

  • You would need to be available at short notice
  • Attend a registration interview with the team at Absolute Care
  • Provide references
  • Bank account details need to be confirmed
  • Provide evidence of permission to work in Ireland if necessary

Tips for Temp Workers – 

Be organised for the work

Temporary workers can often find themselves working a variety of shifts and hours around other commitments. To avoid lateness or forgetting a shift completely, record the work you have agreed to in a diary or planner and refer to it daily so you are one step ahead of the curve at all times. Stay committed to the hours agreed.  Aim to get the most from each assignment that you have been given. This is a great way to gain experience in new roles. Don’t over commit to hours outside of your availability. Take advantage of the flexibility that temping offers. 

Be professional at all times

Although you are a temp member of staff, your role is just as valued as other employees. Being a temp worker is not a reason to let your standards slip. Be as professional as possible to make the best impression – remember, the contacts made in these jobs will remember you and could help get you where you want to be in your career. This may lead to further job opportunities or internships. It’s a great way to build your professional network. Build this experience onto your CV. 

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